Belgrade Beer Fest
08.17-21.2011.Belgrade Beer Fest

Belgrade Beer FestTM is with average number of visitors, the biggets music festival in Europe. Within 5 days over 500,000 people were visiting the Festival. The large number of visitors is mostly owing to the basic festival principles – entrance free of charge, miscellaneous music program and wide range of foreign and domestic beer brands.

Belgrade Beer FestTM was founded in year 2003. During the seven years of its existance over 3,000,000 visitors enjoyed in over 350 music performances (free of charge), tasted over 70 beer brands and were able to take part in numerous social campaigns.

Festival recieved numerous recognitions. Among these recognitions is a recommendation of the British newspaper The Independent placed the Belgrade Beer FestTM among 20 world events that should be seen. In addition to that, well known proffesor Dennis Wilcox, in his book "PR Strategies and Tactics", used at over 350 Universities all over the world, presented Belgrade Beer FestTM as postitive example of marketing and PR campaign. One of the last recognitions, Festival recieved in 2009 as the marketing event of the year. This recognition was given by expert marketing magazine "Taboo", for a big social campaign "I choose to Recycle". The goals of the camapign were to build the ecological awareness in Serbia and to buy recycling containers for Belgrade elementary schools.

Festival is established as one of the most important segments in the Serbian tourist offer and as a brand which promotes our country and improves image of our country.

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