Belgrade Beer Fest
08.17-21.2011.Belgrade Beer Fest


Belgrade Beer Fest 2011
August 17 - 21


Belgrade Beer Fest 2010: Impressive!

Belgrade Beer Fest 2010 was the biggest and the most impressive event of this kind in Serbia and certainly one of the most impressive events in Europe. Incredible 900.000 people came to see from August 18 till August 22 2010, during these five festival nights, forty bands and performers!

In fantastic atmosphere in front of great audience, the most popular bands in Serbia played, including Riblja Čorba, Bajaga and Instruktori, YU Grupa, Van Gogh, Partibrejkersi, Dejan Cukić and Spori ritam band, Sunshine, Otrhodox Celts, Del Arno Band, Inspektor Blaža and Kljunovi, SARS and many others. Besides that, even though we had rock and roll domination at Beer Fest during previous years, the audience had the opportunity to enjoy in music of excellent performers of other genres (such as, Bilja Krstić, Legende, Kiril Džajkovski, Luis and Kal).

In addition to that, we had at Beer Fest some of the most popular and greatest performers of the region such as Siddharta, Pankrti, Neno Belan and Fiumens and Jurica Pađen and his band Aerodrom. Also, Ana Popović performed at Beer Fest, a blues guitar player, whose carrier started in Belgrade, and after that she achieved great success in Europe and USA. The audience who love DJ culture had an opportunity to see the performance of Benny Benassi, a worldwide known star of this genre. Besides him we had also Marko Milićević, Belgrade's DJ well known abroad, as well as DJ Mouse J/DJ Lapac.

With its record visit and the greatest music program, Beer Fest 2010, left excellent impressions and confirmed its prestige position. Constant improvement and growth in every segment of the festival, makes us positive that even following year Beer Fest will be the place of great fun and an event which stays deeply in memory of every single person.


All the beer lovers were competing within several categories, they were drinking 0.5 l mugs of Lav beer and they competed in holding the mugs of 3.2 kilos.

The winners were:

  • Vladimir Marković – beer drinking (men individual) - 0.5 l mug in 2.4 sec.
  • In female competition, Desa Grujović was the winner 3.1 sec.
  • In team beer drinking (made out of three members, minimum one girl) forth year in the row the team "Munze" was the winning team, and only 13.8 sec took them to drink 1.5 l of Lav beer.
  • In beer stein holding, Miloš Milinković from Belgrade made the new festival record – 5 min 12 sec.
  • In female competition, beer stein holding, the winner was Milica Stojanović - 2 min 12 sec.


Traditionally, we awarded the most successful exhibitioners at the festival. Belgrade Cultural Network, the producer of the festival, has awarded the best ones in the following 4 categories:
The best festival beer Jelen beer (6 years in a row)
The best promotional campaign Lav beer
The kindest personnel of the festival Lav beer
The most beautiful stand at the festival Amstel beer


Recan Fund has awarded Miloš Čičić for bringing the cans which will be recycled, and as an award he got a bicycle made of recycled aluminum – la ricicletta, and he was the winner of the game which took place at the Recan Fund stand.

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